How To Store Toner Cartridges


Toner cartridges contain components that are sensitive to light, temperature and humidity.

These recommendations should help ensure optimal performance, highest quality, and longest life from your Original or new compatible cartridge.

Store cartridge in the same environment in which the printer will be used. This should be in controlled temperature and humidity conditions.

The Original or compatible cartridge should remain in its original and unopened package until installation – if original packaging is not available, cover the top opening of the cartridge with paper and store in a dark cabinet.

Opening the cartridge package prior to use dramatically shortens its useful shelf and operating life. Do not store on the floor. If the toner cartridge is removed from the printer, follow the instructions below to store the toner cartridge properly.

  • Store the cartridge inside the protective original packaging.
  • Store lying flat (not standing on end) with the same side facing up as if it were installed in the machine.
  • Do not store consumables in any of the following conditions:

o Temperature greater than 40°C.

o Humidity range less than 20% or greater than 80%.

o An environment with extreme changes in humidity or temperature.

o Direct sunlight or room light.

o Dusty places.

o A car for a long period of time.

o An environment where corrosive gases are present.

o An environment with salty air.

Handling Instructions

  • Do not touch the surface of the photoconductive drum in the cartridge.
  • Do not expose the cartridge to unnecessary vibrations or shock.
  • Never manually rotate the drum, especially in the reverse direction; this can cause internal damage and toner spillage.


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