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HP Takes Digital Printing Innovations On The Road In The UK

With a cadre of new innovations and a rock-star-style tour bus, printer ink and technology retailer HP is hitting the road, bringing printer and printer cartridge demos to destinations across the UK.

According to a statement released by HP this week, its branded truck will make eight stops between November 15th and December 2nd to showcase faster printers, more graphics capabilities and simpler HP ink cartridges.

HP will kick-off the roadshow at Sandown Park, in Esher, hitting London and Manchester along the way. The tour will also stop in Scotland; hitting the Midlands and Edinburgh. The tour concludes in Ireland with stops in Belfast and Dublin and, like true rockstars of the printing world, the tour finishes with a stadium: Curvaheen Park Stadium in Cork.

With a host of new innovations to introduce to its customers, the tradeshow will focus on recent speed upgrades for HPs T200 Inkjet Web Press, as well as the clearer graphics offered by new ink cartridges and delivery systems, introduced at tradeshows throughout this year. HP believes the faster, more efficient printers can help businesses increase profits and fill more orders, keeping up with the faster pace of commerce.

“As the graphics market shifts from analogue to digital printing, we are helping print service providers grow their businesses with new capabilities, enabling them to expand into new application areas and improve delivery times for high-volume digital printing,” Jan Riecher, vice president and general manger in graphic solutions business at HP, said Friday.

The Top 4 Photo Printers

For serious hobbyists, those who don’t have access to cheap professional photo printing, or just can’t be bothered taking a camera card into the shop … at home photo printing has been a blessing! However, it isn’t always economical, or great quality, to just print your pics with your 6-year-old early colour ‘bubblejet’ … you’ll need to upgrade to a dedicated or designed photo printer in order to get good quality and ensure that your ink cartridge spending is kept to a minimum. Today we review some of hte best photo printers on the market – some dedicate, some with excellent photo-printing functionality within an all-rounder machine.
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Is it Really Worthy Printing Photos at Home?

A lot of industries have had scares with the advent of the digital age. Yellow Pages has never sold so little advertising in its history, newspapers are struggling to get people to pay for content … and then there’s the corner photo store. When digital cameras came along, with the ability to print your own photos at home, many people saw the death of the corner photo store as imminent. But despite the relative cheapness of photo paper, printer cartridges and ink refills, that old corner store still hasn’t rolled over and retired. Why not? We investigate whether it is truly worth printing your photos at home.
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