Printing Tips

The Print Status dialog box is your best friend

When printing, the Print Status dialog box pops up and usually just goes through the motions of printing. The results of printing can vary, and it’s usually because people don’t know how to use the Print Status box properly. It’s really very easy, and you can also do maintenance on your printer, check your ink status, and test your ink and toner feeds.
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Paper quality and print quality- Yes, there’s a way to do both

It doesn’t take long to find out what can go wrong with paper and print quality. This is one of the more infuriating parts of printing, and it’s avoidable. There are some simple things you can do to make sure you don’t have printing problems. You can also get good quality ink cartridges online which will help get rid of print issues.

Paper- What you need and what you don’t need

There are basic categories of paper which are useful benchmarks for figuring out what you need:
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Graphic designers and computer printing inks

Graphic design printing is the sort of work that doesn’t need problems. Print quality and good presentation are the demands, and perfection is the standard. Computer printing inks need to be good quality. It’s a good idea to shop around for a reliable supplier of the inks you prefer, particularly if you use the top name brands. Discount ink cartridges are a very good option to keep costs under control, particularly for big name brands.

Inks and issues

Professional graphic designers are only too well aware of the possible issues with inks. All inks are slightly different, and the demands of printing become progressively more of a factor when dealing with high resolution, or using a lot of colour. Ink quality is vitally important, and the colour mix is critical.
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