New Technology Syncs Printers With Mobile Devices

With mobile technology bringing everything from books and newspapers to legal briefs and contracts online, the need for paper has diminished in places like the school and the office. But for some, the need or even want for actual paper and printing is not going away any time soon. For those still loving their printer cartridges and paper trays, new technologies are making it easier to get hard copies from tablets and mobile phones.

The Little Printer: London-based design team Berg has partnered with some of the world’s largest companies to release a prototype called the “Little Printer.” The machine takes up as much room on your shelf as an alarm clock but wirelessly connects with a smartphone app to pull a number of daily factoids from your personal web (upcoming birthdays from Facebook, agendas for the day from your address book) and print them into a handy little receipt for quick perusal. Sporting a tiny ink cartridge and wi-fi router, the device is little more than a few components and a faceplate yet can be completely controlled from your phone. According to tech blog CNet, the Little Printer is a marketing tool for Berg’s newest concept, BergCloud. This online ecosystem would allow you to control an array of household items from your mobile device.

All-in-1 Printers: The self-contained printer-scanner-fax combo is so 2007. Today’s all-in-one printers—like the Kodak Hero 9.1 released this week—offer more than the average home office staple. From wireless connectivity over your office network to ordering double-sided prints from your mobile device to even receiving printer ink refill warnings to your phone, these printers create a more complete office eco-system. You can also print from the Google Cloud, swap back and forth between photo paper and regular documents with ease and even print 3-D pictures and video captures. The Hero and printers like it are connecting the digital world with the tactile world like never before.

HP Takes Digital Printing Innovations On The Road In The UK

With a cadre of new innovations and a rock-star-style tour bus, printer ink and technology retailer HP is hitting the road, bringing printer and printer cartridge demos to destinations across the UK.

According to a statement released by HP this week, its branded truck will make eight stops between November 15th and December 2nd to showcase faster printers, more graphics capabilities and simpler HP ink cartridges.

HP will kick-off the roadshow at Sandown Park, in Esher, hitting London and Manchester along the way. The tour will also stop in Scotland; hitting the Midlands and Edinburgh. The tour concludes in Ireland with stops in Belfast and Dublin and, like true rockstars of the printing world, the tour finishes with a stadium: Curvaheen Park Stadium in Cork.

With a host of new innovations to introduce to its customers, the tradeshow will focus on recent speed upgrades for HPs T200 Inkjet Web Press, as well as the clearer graphics offered by new ink cartridges and delivery systems, introduced at tradeshows throughout this year. HP believes the faster, more efficient printers can help businesses increase profits and fill more orders, keeping up with the faster pace of commerce.

“As the graphics market shifts from analogue to digital printing, we are helping print service providers grow their businesses with new capabilities, enabling them to expand into new application areas and improve delivery times for high-volume digital printing,” Jan Riecher, vice president and general manger in graphic solutions business at HP, said Friday.

Hardcopy presentation printing- Do’s and Don’ts

Hardcopy presentation can be very hard work. The sheer number of possible glitches is enough to drive anyone to distraction. The only way to deal with these issues is to create a reliable hardcopy format that eliminates mistakes at the setup stage, and without the last minute panics. The added element is good quality, reliable printer cartridges, laser toner, and supplier support.

Setting up your hardcopy- the single stream approach

“The simpler the better” is the golden “do” here. Don’t use multiple formats. The last thing you need is print problems, when doing an important presentation. This can get tricky when doing reports, or presentations where there are multiple sources and types of data involved. Printers often advertise “Variable Data” printing services, so you can see it’s no minor issue, even for professionals.
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Should Small Businesses Buy or Lease Printers?

When you’re a small business or a new start up business it’s often hard to decide whether or not to purchase important business equipment or to lease it.

A printer is one of the most valuable and essential tools in every office and must have all of the features you require plus be efficient with its usage of ink cartridges. Deciding on whether to buy or lease is often a difficult decision.
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What’s New in the Home Printing Market?

Sometimes, it really doesn’t pay to joke about what things will be like in the future. If you have ever stumbled upon the blogs that dredge up magazine articles and things from the first half of the 1900s, and seen how scarily similar some concepts of the future were, you’ll understand! We’ve joked before about being able to buy a printer that can also toast your ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, and looking at some of the developments in the home printing market recently, we might not be far away from that eventuality! Check out what’s new in the home printing and ink cartridge refill market, from news in early 2010.
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Buying a New Printer? Here Are the Factors That Matter.

There are literally hundreds of models of printer to choose from nowadays … how do you avoid coming home with one that will toast your sandwich for lunch, but still prints photos that look like they are from a 1920s newspaper? Research is the simple answer – but even comprehensive review guides will find it difficult to read your mind and display a printer that matches your exact needs. Today we help set you up for a printer research session – from ink cartridge refills to dots in an inch, these are the factors that matter when buying a printer.
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5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Printer

Technology is moving pretty quick. If you had moved to Tibet ten years ago and only recently come back to the Western, digitally connected world, it would probably take ten years to adjust! Printers are the same as every other piece of technology – the output might look roughly the same, but the technology is advancing rapidly, and along with that fact the price of printers and ink cartridges is coming down. Today we look at the top 5 reasons why you don’t need to put up with that old printer any more … why you’re a brand new one!
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Inkjet or Laser Printer – Which is the Best For You?

Almost as universal as the dilemma of whether to buy a house or rent, and with an equal number of factors for and against each decision, is the decision between buying an inkjet and laser printer! Each type of printer has its own ups, its own downs, its varying capital and ongoing costs for ink cartridges, laser toner, etc. However, they are not the same by any measure … there is certainly a ‘best’ type of printer for you, according to your printing habits. We help you find it!

How much printing do you do?

One of the simplest ways to understand the difference between inkjet and laser printers is in terms of initial cost versus ongoing cost … though remember that there are plenty more things to consider before you’ll be able to properly determine which one will be ‘best’ for you in the long run. Laser printers have a high ongoing cost and a lower cost-per-page – laser toner goes further per page. Inkjet printers have a lower initial cost and a higher cost per page – inkjet cartridges don’t print as many pages before emptying. Obviously, if you do a lot of printing, the laser printer will quickly repay your initial investment in terms of lower per-page pricing.
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