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Printers, performance and inks- Making sense of your printing needs

Printers are hard working machines, and they’re usually pretty reliable. The performance problems often relate to maintenance, materials, and using the right inks. It’s worth your while to spend some time researching what your printer needs for best performance, and checking out the ink cartridge and toner situation.

Printers and print jobs- Matching your printer to your work

The type of jobs your printer needs to do define the type of printer you need. Most people have multi function printers, which are also scanners, copiers and faxes.

If you run your own business, your printer will be doing a lot of work of all kinds, which means you need a high performance, name brand printer. These printers are used for everything, all the time.
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The home printer – How to save money and get top quality prints

Home printers are actually very good printers, and if you know how, you can get excellent quality prints, and save a lot of money on inks, toner and materials in the process. A bit of shopping around for ink cartridges online will find some really good deals, and help you get the best out of your printer.

Prices vs. quality- No contest with good materials

Cheaper definitely isn’t better when you’re getting constant issues with your printer. It is possible to get some good prices on name brand printers like Epson and Samsung, which also helps when you’re looking for inks. These are all purpose printers, and can be used for any print job. Their product life is good and they can handle bulk printing as long as you run the maintenance jobs regularly before and after hard work.
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