Does your HP printer not let you use other cartridges? You could be compensated.

Below is email received from the ACCC  on 4th May 2018 with respect to Hewlett Packard admitting that it designed technology to prevent non genuine cartridges being used – and in many cases, customers received a error message which indicated the cartridge was damaged . – when this was not the case

We sell Genuine as well as Non- Genuine cartridges for most printer brands – as we believe that the customer should have a choice.

Some OEM ( Original EquipManufacturers)  should you have a issue, will immediately state that because you are using a non genuine cartridge that the warranty is void.  This is untrue – they have to prove that the cartridge damaged the printer.  This simply appears to be a way for OEM to keep customers purchasing their product and limiting the end users choice.



If you purchased certain models of HP printers and weren’t informed that non-HP ink cartridges might be incompatible – you could be eligible for compensation.

HP has given the ACCC a court-enforceable undertaking after it admitted to not disclosing to its customers that certain printers, or their firmware updates, included technology that was designed to prevent non-HP ink cartridges from being used. This resulted in non-HP ink cartridges being rejected, and in many cases, customers receiving an error message which indicated that the cartridge was damaged, when this was not the case.

HP will compensate $50 to its customers who were prevented from using a non-HP cartridge. If you believe your business is entitled to claim compensation, visit the HP website.

Find out more, including the printer models affected, in our media release.

Lesson for businesses: This matter serves as a timely reminder to businesses that you must disclose all important information about your products, including if there are any restrictions on the use of non-genuine parts. If businesses fail to provide relevant information to consumers about their products they could be breaching the Australian Consumer Law by engaging in false, misleading or deceptive conduct. You can find out more about advertising and promoting your business in our recently updated Small business & the Competition and Consumer Act guide.

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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

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