Brother TN3440 Toner Reset


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Sometimes cartridge is installed – not recognised or shows empty

This issue relates to the Flag Gear found on the cartridge

Most Brother Laser cartridges have a “Reset Flag” 

On the side of the cartridges there is a little flag gear, which is basically a lever.  When the cartridge is inserted into the printer for the first time and the printer engine runs, all the gears will motion and will release the flag gear forward.  This flag gear moves forward and hits a sensor inside the printer.  The sensor resets the toner level on the printer and this is how the toner level is monitored, the level will reset and count down till empty with no way to check during the countdown. 

There are two positions for the reset flag and that is the “Unused” and the “Used” position. The flag gear is a moving part there is the chance for it to be ill-timed, miss it’s mark or not function correctly.  This can occur with OEM ( Original Equipment manufacturer)  as well as compatible cartridges, Brother have put a function within the printer to manually reset the toner levels.

To manually reset the toner levels if the Flag Gear fails to do so, is quite easy to perform


1)    Install cartridge/s into drum

2)    Leave door open or open door if cartridge is installed

3)    Press Secure/ Print and Cancel buttons at the same time

4)    Arrow down to select correct cartridge needing to be reset.

5)    Press OK

6)    States Cartridge has been excepted

7)    Close Door

8)    Toner should be reset to READY.

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